Mobiliário Urbano

Urban Furniture

Nowadays there are concerns in choosing the ideal piece of furniture for outdoor environments that extend to factors like sustainability, and are associated with the design, convenience and ergonomics of the piece and its usefulness. Extruplás offers you a range of innumerable pieces of furniture, in 100% recycled plastic. This material allows you practically zero maintenance, compared to other materials. These are solid pieces that easily adapt to your projects!

Benches, Tables, Flower pots, Paper bins, Ecopoints, Bicycle rack, Informational panels, Direction signs, Position panels, Golf signage, Fences, Shelters, Circuit of physical maintenance.

SAM 0302 S  SAM 0312 S  SAM 0381 S 
Bancos Pavia  SAM 0289 S  SAM 0310 S 
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