Our Values

Quality & Innovation

We are certified by standard NP EN ISO 9001 - Quality Management System.


Producing zero waste for landfill and transforming all outputs (waste) into inputs for other clients, such as products, raw materials or fuel.

Excellence & Initiative

The way we do things, expressed through the behaviour and attitudes of our staff.

Competitive Advantages of Extruplás Products

  • Resistant to corrosion, it does not deteriorate and is stable

  • Resistant to vandalism

  • Resistant to impact, cracking and abrasion

  • Lighter than steel, approximately 1/3 its weight

  • No maintenance, easy to wash and disinfect

  • Low installation cost

  • Insulating

  • Non-slip

  • Low installation cost

  • Unaffected by water, humidity or chemical agents

  • Impervious to parasites and fungi

  • It can be sawn, machined, nailed, screwed or painted

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Urbana Bench 1500 mm Brown
Valongo Fence Brown
Vermicompost Green

Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution (RAL)

  • The National Center for Consumer Conflict Information and Arbitration (CNIACC), with the website www.cniacc.pt, is responsible for the Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution (RAL).